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Welcome to Wise Media Group - Your Premier Podcast Studio in Yakima, WA

Elevating Your Podcasting Experience with Professional Sound and Video Quality

About Wise Media Group and Daniel Wise

Welcome to Wise Media Group, the premier podcast studio in Yakima, WA, founded by Daniel Wise. With over three years of explosive growth in podcasting both locally and nationally, Daniel recognized the perfect timing to introduce his professional podcast studio concept to Yakima, and thus, Wise Media Group was born.

One of the biggest challenges facing most podcasters is achieving high-quality sound and video production. Many podcasts and YouTube channels suffer from poor sound quality, lack of editing, and limited production value, often sounding like they were recorded in a bedroom or home office with distracting background noise. Daniel’s vision for Wise Media Group was to set a new standard for sound and video quality, raising the bar for podcasting and YouTube content creators alike.

At Wise Media Group, we offer hourly podcast studio rentals and comprehensive podcast services suitable for beginners, experts, and businesses. With 10 years of experience, Daniel has designed our studios to meet professional broadcasting standards, specifically tailored for video podcasting.

Experience the difference at Wise Media Group, where we elevate your podcasting experience with unparalleled sound and video quality. Join us and take your podcast to the next level!

In addition to renting podcast studios by-the-hour, I offer a complete menu of podcasting services including; editing, hosting training, voice-over for intros, video and live video streaming services.  

My goal was for the novice and expert podcaster the ability to walk-in and start their podcast in just minutes without any technical expertise and have their podcast sound as professional as the largest companies in America.